Detroit Tigers (a breif history)

The Detroit Tigers are one of the American League franchises that still exist in the same city and have the same name since it was established in 1894. They played their first major league game in 1901 against the Milwaukee Brewers. In the beginning of the 9th inning they were down 13-4 but staged a dramatic comeback winning 14-13. They have won 4 World Series titles with the most recent being in 1984. Their worst season in record history was in 2003 with 43 wins and 119 losses. The team does continually have a growing fan base now averaging three million and counting in attendance to the games every year. 2013 season ended with a 93-69 record finishing 1st in the Central Divison. In 2014, they named Brad Ausmus the new manager with a few other new members coming to play for the team.